Online Spiritual Discourse I 4th November 2022 | Saint Dr. MSG | Live from Barnawa, UP


Everyone in this world needs the spiritual resources to help experience the ultimate truth, divinity and the everlasting joy that gives a meaning to the life. For the disciples the divine presence of their Guru is invaluable! For a spiritual master the love, discipline and the commitment to serve humanity from His disciples is a reflection of the teachings imparted to them! Such is a beautiful bond between a Guru and his disciples!

We all have inner strength and power available to us. Our journey of spiritual awakening is to wake up to who we really are. This can be experienced only by the true guidance, wisdom and the method of meditation given by a spiritual Guru who himself has experienced the divine power within!

In the video above, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan awakens the masses with thoughts provoking messages; and gives powerful and useful life lessons everyone should adopt to lead a happy life!

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